Services & Pricing

Here are the services and offers we provide to grow your business digitally. 

Services We Offer

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Website Developement

Ready to use designed websites with our professional's team. Register for the website today and grow your business. 

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Social Media Marketing(Facebook,Google, LinkedIn)

We provide Social Media Marketing for your business through which can help to bring 10x business for you. 

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Content Management

We provide a professional blog that is designed by our content management team. 

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Social Media Management

We also can manage your social media accounts and set strategies to brings relevant leads. 

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Logo Desining

We design logos for your existing or new business.

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We provide SEO for your existing website or newly developed website. 


Here is the pricing of our combo services which we offer

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Basic Plan

This Plan Include: 

-Website Development

-Content Management

-Social Media management

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Advanced Plan

This Plan Include: 

-Website Development

-Content Management

-Social Media management

- Social Media Marketing

- Logo Design

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Custom Plan

This Plan will be customized as per your requirement